ID5 Assessment of Designs

Leading Office


Project Definition

The project aims to produce a Handbook explaining how and when the examiners of the five Partner Offices assess designs starting with the fundamental step of interpreting the graphical representations of designs fulfilling the view and drawing requirements. The Handbook will help applicants better understand substantive examination by explaining how the five Partner countries interpret and assess the graphical representations of their applications. The resources required for the present project are similar to the one for the Catalogue in gathering of information of practises currently applied by the partners of ID5.

Desired Outcome

In Phase 1 of the proposed project, the leading office will prepare a questionnaire seeking specific information on how the comparison between the examined design and the prior design is carried out. The questionnaire will be on an advanced technical level and hence targets the experts of the Partners, in particular officials in charge of the examination of novelty of designs. In Phase 2, the leading office will collect the replies to the questionnaire and eventually seek clarification in bilateral contacts with the respective national experts if necessary. In Phase 3, the leading office will create a draft of the Handbook and circulate it for comments until a final version is agreed and approved by the Partners.


Project Brief