E-learning Platform on Graphical Representation for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Leading Office


Project Definition

The proposed project will start one step earlier than the User Guide, namely when a designer has created a new design and is aware that it is possible to obtain protection by registering it with an IP Office. At that moment he/she may still not know that the design cannot just be deposited with the IP Office, as it was possible in former times, but a graphical representation has to be prepared which could be done in many different forms, the choice of form having a crucial impact on the scope of the design right. The project deliverable will be an e-learning platform on the ID5 website containing infographics with clear and instructive suggestions for creating representations of design which are acceptable by the five Partners, targeting primarily individuals and SMEs with little experience in design registration. The platform with the information presented in the infographics will introduce the user to the need for a graphical representation and explain the various options by way of examples. The examples will be in line with the requirements outlined in the User Guide and the Catalogue without going too far into the technical details of these requirements. Certain advanced graphical tools like disclaimers or exploded views may be left for further reading. At the end, the user will have understood why a graphical representation is needed and what may be the optimal choice depending in his/her case. For further reading, if needed, the user may be referred to the Guide and the Catalogue.

Desired Outcome

In phase 1, the leading office will identify the technical means and outline the contents of the platform. Subsequently, a trailer version of the e-leaning platform with infographics will be produced and distributed to the Partners for comments. In the final stages of phase 1, the e-learning platform with infographics will be produced and launched. In an eventual phase 2, depending on the agreement of the Partners, agreement can be sought to produce instructional material in other domains.


Project Brief