Fee structure

There are three types of fees relating to a registered Community design (RCD) application: registration, publication and deferment fees.

  • Registration : 230€
  • Publication : 120€
  • Deferment of publication : 40€

The fees payable depend on two factors:

  • Whether the application contains one or more designs.
  • Whether the publication of designs will be deferred or not.

The fee structure for designs is as follows:

  • A basic fee for a single design or the first design of a multiple application.
  • A reduced fee for the 2nd to 10th designs
  • A further fee reduction per design, from the 11th design onwards.

Payment methods

You can pay RCD fees by credit card, bank transfer or via an EUIPO current account. EUIPO provides an online service to current account holders giving access to all their current account transactions and information.