Industrial Designs Advancement and the ID5: A 5 Year Review

Leading Office


Project Definition

The aim of the 5 Year Review is a high level survey of each ID5 jurisdictions significant legal and practice changes with regard to industrial design protections and filing practices in the last 5 years. The survey would not be limited to any specific topics but would be driven by and focus on topics that the ID5 have been actively engaged in over the last 5 years. Examples of developments that come to mind immediately for inclusion are changes in practices related to the implementation of WIPO DAS as a mechanism for electronic exchange of priority documentation, changes in practices and laws related to grace period, new and emerging technologies, 3D printing, damages/remedies, filing practices, etc.

Desired Outcome

A finalized “A 5 Year Review” report will be shared with the public, providing transparency of the progress being made towards the advancement of the global design system. Additionally, the ID5 Partners will be given an opportunity to identify previous projects that may need to be updated to reflect changes in laws and practice to ensure accuracy of the information provided by the ID5.